Histories and emotional pasts

Increased understanding of the histories and emotional pasts of migrants.

Increased understanding

Increased understanding for migrants of NGOs’ pasts (as trainers will be invited to partake in the workshops too, providing their own song stories – although these will not be mapped on the app).

Visibility of specific migration journeys

Visibility of specific migration journeys narrated by migrants themselves via the MaMuMi method of talking about song.


A methodological framework

Short National Overview



MaMuMi Music Workshops

where participants will be trained in the Song Stories method


MaMuMi Audio Collection

where participants will upload stories to the online archive as part of the MaMuMi website



MaMuMi Music Migration Map

where individual song stories (audio and clips of music) will be added to a virtual map



A Briefing Paper

detailing the project and its journey